• Bowie ReMembered

Bowie ReMembered

The 'Bowie ReMembered' project was conceived as a love letter to David Bowie.

It is more than 'an hommage' ; it is a wholehearted "Thankyou!" made by six musicians : Andrea Prodan, Alejandro & Diego Kurz, Guido Perez-Fantini, Martin Luchina and Dano Digón.

We feel that Bowie's oeuvre is so daring in its research, so creatively ahead of its time, that it deserves to be interpreted with all the intensity and vitality which all die-hard and new Bowie fans have always cherished.

Argentina has such a band, and it's 'On Tour'. Catch it, NOW!


Buenos Aires 2020


The 'Bowie ReMembered' project is a child of the Love and Respect that its musicians feel for David Bowie. It is a truly cosmopolitan venture. It is a 'Love Letter' to David Bowie. Welcome aboard!


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